The Aircraft

It’s hard to train for the Aviation world of today when you’re learning to fly in the equipment of yesterday. One of the important facets of the Take Flight Aviation Difference is our modern fleet of Diamond Aircraft.
Designed from a clean sheet, the Diamond Aircraft in our fleet are not here by chance. We tried out every single engine aircraft that could get our hands on before selecting Diamond. In fact, we had operated a fleet of Pipers and our Director of Flight Training managed a fleet of Cessna’s in the past – those combined experiences let us know that neither one of those legacy aircraft fleets really gave us what we wanted. We tried out other composite aircraft, but a combination of poor stick and rudder flying characteristics and operational concerns removed all of them from contention. We were referred to Diamond Aircraft by a client who had experience in them and raved about them.

After extensive research and testing, we were completely sold on the Diamond Aircraft Products. Their narrow empennage (aka aft fuselage) allows for superior cross wind capabilities. Their balanced control surfaces, T-Tails and wing design allow for tremendous control without heavy feeling controls or twitchy pitch sensitivity found in other light aircraft. Their forward of the wing pilot seating allows something no other aircraft offers – unobstructed vision both up and down. Their modern avionics suited them perfectly.
Finally we evaluated safety and reliability. As great as Diamond Aircraft are in every other regard, their safety history sets a standard that NO other aircraft manufacturer can touch – don’t take our word for it – research it for yourself; it’s really impressive. Diamond’s latest development, the Austro Diesel Engine, allows the fleet to not only be even more reliable than it was before, but it’s also ultra-efficient and offers low emissions while burning 6 GPH in cruise in the DA40NG. Our experience with the reliability has been fantastic – and our in house Diamond Factory Authorized Service Center provides the specialized skills that maximize Diamond’s already spectacular reliability – more on that next week.

Whether you’re looking to train or rent a modern 2 seater like the Diamond DA20, an capable 4 seater with cutting edge Garmin G1000 avionics as we have in our extensive fleet of DA40’s and DA40NG’s or need the state of the art Austro Powered Diamond DA42NG with its FADEC controlled power plants, retractable gear, G1000 avionics suite and Flight Into Known Icing capabilities, Take Flight Aviation has the Aircraft to make your training or rental experience a flawless experience. Give us a call at 845-457-4188 to see for yourself!