Tailored Instrument Training Programs to Fit Your Needs and Schedule!

At Take Flight Aviation, we understand that every pilot’s training needs and goals are unique. That’s why we offer our Instrument Training Courses in two distinct formats: Part 61 and Part 141. Each is designed to meet specific requirements and learning styles, utilizing our state-of-the-art Diamond DA40 fleet and Redbird FMX Full Motion Flight Training device to ensure the highest efficiency and effectiveness of your training.

What’s the Difference? Here’s a Closer Look:

Part 61 Instrument Training Course:

  • Flexibility in Scheduling: Ideal for those who need a flexible training schedule, requiring 2-3 sessions per week.
  • Cross Country Experience: Must have 50 hours of Cross Country Pilot in Command time either prior to or during the program.
  • Structured Progress: Follow a comprehensive, electronic syllabus with stage checks to monitor your advancement.

Part 141 Instrument Training Course:

  • Accelerated Training: Designed for a more structured and faster pace, requiring a minimum of 4 training sessions per week.
  • No Cross Country Hour Requirements: The FAA waives these requirements, focusing instead on intensive instrument training.
  • Enhanced Oversight and Quality: Instructors undergo FAA mandated additional training and recurrent testing. The program includes FAA oversight through approved syllabi, documentation, and random audits to maintain the highest training standards.

Why Train with Us?

  • Advanced Fleet and Simulators: Train with modern Diamond DA40 aircraft and the Redbird FMX simulator, tailored to maximize learning.
  • Expert Instructors: All our instructors are highly trained and certified, providing you with top-notch instruction.
  • FAA Compliance: Our courses are rigorously designed to meet and exceed FAA requirements, ensuring you receive the best possible training .

Ready to Start Your Instrument Training?

Choose the program that best fits your lifestyle and goals. Whether you prefer the flexibility of Part 61 or the structured, accelerated pace of Part 141, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Join Us and Take Flight!

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