Whether you are looking to be a professional pilot or just fly like one – Take Flight Aviation’s Accelerated Part 141 Training programs are for you!


3 Weeks to your Instrument Rating is Possible!


For those looking for a more intensive approach to their training, Take Flight Aviation’s Part 141 Training programs provide thorough and highly efficient flight training experiences for clients who can dedicate at least 3 days a week to their flight training. Our FAA Part 141 Approved Programs allow you to save time with minimum flight hour requirements that are shorter than those required for our Part 61 Programs by utilizing more highly structured flight time and rigorous standards.

While you can save up to 5 hours when earning your Private Pilot Certificate, you can save up to 50 hours of Cross Country time building when pursuing your Instrument Rating. The way this is done is by providing more highly-structured instructional time training working through our FAA Approved Instrument Pilot Training Coursework with our Instructors.

The 141 programs are designed to be intensive, with highly structured coursework and FAA oversight. Part 141 programs aren’t necessarily less costly than Part 61 programs since you spend more time with your instructor, but the nature of the training you receive with the 141 programs is more structured and geared towards faster completion while obtaining tremendous depth of knowledge and skills.

Take Flight Aviation Part 141 Programs – The perfect answer for those looking for true high quality accelerated training.