Whether you’re looking to make a career move or simply tackle a new challenge – Multi Engine Training at Take Flight Aviation is for YOU!

Twin Engine Training at Take Flight Aviation offers licensed pilots the unique experience of training in modern, safe and efficient multi engine aircraft – aircraft that are available for rental for those qualified!

Let’s the be honest, training in multi engine aircraft has traditionally been and experience linked to operating older, somewhat marginally maintained aircraft, haphazard training programs and broken promises. Heaven forbid you actually want to rent the aircraft you trained in; that’s never going to happen in most places. Take Flight Aviation has broken that mold with its one of a kind Multi Engine Training and Rental Program.

At the heart of the programs is our fleet of Diamond DA42NG Aircraft. These aircraft are equipped with Mercedes/Austro Diesel engines which burn roughly 6 gph of Jet A fuel each. The mixture and propeller pitch are all controlled automatically by a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system – meaning that all you have to contend with is a power level for each engine – that’s all – just like in most modern turbine powered aircraft.

We have custom built a training program for the aircraft and have the highly experienced instructors to bring the training to life. While we have a very clearly defined program and we don’t rush you through – you can learn at your own rate and develop the proficiency you deserve…and need. The simplicity of operation of the DA42NG allows most commercially rated pilots to complete the program in approximately 9 flight hours on average – but that’s an average, not a limit.

Take Flight Aviation also rents our DA42NG’s to clients who meet Commercial requirements & standards and have met required multi engine experience minimums. We also have programs to pair clients up with Multi Engine Instructors to allow them to build the required time. Whether you’re looking to move up to the world of multi engine flying to enhance the safety and comfort of your personal travel or to prepare for your career – Take Flight Aviation is here to help you meet your goals effectively, efficiently and safely!
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