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Standard Intro Flight

This is the perfect way to look into the world of flight training in one of our Slick Diamond DA20 or for those who need a larger cockpit, our Piper Warriors. This flight lesson places you alongside one of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors for one half hour of ground preparation and one half hour in the aircraft learning basic flight maneuvers. Whether you intend one of our Private Pilot Syllabus or to check off an item from your bucket list, the Standard Intro Flight is for you.


Advanced Intro Flight

Geared towards someone serious about starting their training, this lesson offers everything the Standard Intro Flight offers as well as training in our full motion flight simulator - contributing towards the first two lessons in our Private Pilot Syllabus. You will run through all of the flight maneuvers in the simulator before moving on to the aircraft - allowing for a greater depth of knowledge during your actual flight.


Diamond DA40 Intro Flight

If you are looking to make your entrance into the world of aviation in the best handling, most advanced and safest four seat aircraft in the world, look no further than the Diamond DA40.

The Diamond DA40 Intro Flight consists of one half hour of ground preparation and one half hour in the aircraft learning basic flight maneuvers. You will be at the controls the whole time, learning from one of our highly experienced Certified Flight Instructors. The Diamond DA40 Intro Flight is the way to start training towards your Private Pilot’s license in style!


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  • Standard Intro $130.00
  • Diamond DA40 Intro $170.00
  • Advanced Intro $180.00

If you have any questions about any of these options please call us at 845-457-4188.

*These are the prices of the intro flights that we offer and are not necessary pricing for gift certificate purchase. We offer gift cards in these amounts for convenience purposes, but you may request a gift card in any nominal amount at your discretion.
**Gift cards not redeemable for cash.