Owning an aircraft, if done right, is an aviator’s dream come true and the ultimate freedom … but “done right” is the key. Take Flight Aviation owns a large fleet of aircraft, so we understand the advantages of ownership.

It’s also helped us confirm what we’re best at – we are a services company, providing world class training, maintenance, management, and operations. And we love to put those to work to help other people realize their ownership dreams. While we are the Northeast’s Diamond Aircraft Specialists, we deal in aircraft from many manufacturers.

Our Aircraft Purchase Services include:

  • New buyer consulting – helping you match the aircraft to the mission
  • Buyer representation – we do the searching to find you the perfect aircraft
  • Pre-Purchase inspections – Ensuring you know the precise condition and history of the aircraft before you sign on the dotted line
  • New or used aircraft delivery – Our qualified professional pilots bring your aircraft to you
  • New & recurrent owner training – Our highly-experienced Flight Instructors train you to become and stay proficient in the operation of your new aircraft
  • Maintenance – as a Diamond Aircraft Service Center, we provide top-notch maintenance work and transparent pricing on annual inspections and required maintenance on all Diamond aircraft models, as well on Cirrus, Piper, and Cessna airplanes and those from a variety of manufacturers
  • Occasionally we offer leaseback opportunities on Diamond Aircraft – allowing you the opportunity to let your aircraft pay for itself