Owning an aircraft, if done right, is a dream come true for many people. “Done Right” is the key to this dream. Take Flight Aviation owns a large fleet of aircraft, and we certainly understand the advantages of ownership. We’ve also realized what our core competencies are – we are a services company, providing world class training, maintenance, and operation services.

We offer opportunities for select new Diamond Aircraft to help pay for themselves via our leaseback programs. Take Flight Aviation’s leaseback programs are very different than those you’ll find at most other flight schools. We offer very generous terms that aren’t likely to see offered elsewhere, and we have a very happy group of aircraft leaseback owners as a byproduct of it.

Not a pilot by want the take advantage of aircraft ownership? Take Flight Aviation offers everything from simple pilot services to full maintenance and management programs to non-pilot aircraft owners. We also provide mentor pilot services to owners who want a professional pilot on board for an extra level of safety and comfort.

One thing that we’ve learned over the years is that to be the best in Aircraft Services, we simply don’t have the time, expertise or resources to be the very best at Aircraft Sales, so Take Flight Aviation has partnered with Lifestyle Aviation – the leading Diamond Aircraft distributor in the country. Nobody, anywhere has a better grasp of the process of purchasing an aircraft or has better access to the enormous array of otherwise off market aircraft nationwide that Lifestyle Aviation has. You simply can’t do an internet search and find the aircraft that Lifestyle Aviation can find for you. Be it new or used, Diamond Aircraft or any other manufacturer, the personalized service provided by John Armstrong and his team at Lifestyle Aviation will make your purchase low stress and high reward.

Take Flight and Lifestyle Aviation – making sure your aircraft experience is seamlessly “Done Right” from start to finish.