🌟 Exciting Partnership Announcement! 🌟

We are excited to announce a dynamic partnership between Purdue Global and Take Flight Aviation. This collaboration marries Purdue Global’s acclaimed aviation programs with Take Flight’s professional pilot training, providing an excellent foundation for those aiming to pursue a career as a commercial pilot.

This innovative partnership offers a streamlined pathway for aspiring pilots to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management or Professional Flight, while simultaneously obtaining the essential flight training needed to become a professional pilot. Here are the key benefits of this program:

Tailored Curriculum with Proven Success: Our custom syllabus, designed to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards, ensures you acquire the knowledge and skills essential for a successful pilot career.

Flexible Learning Options: Purdue Global’s online platform allows you to complete academic coursework at your own pace, perfectly complementing your flight training schedule.

Expert Flight Instruction: Our certified flight instructors are seasoned aviation professionals who provide unparalleled expertise and guidance, both in the cockpit and during ground training.

Career Advancement Opportunities: Graduates have the opportunity to become Flight Instructors at Take Flight, where our instructors average 70-90 flight hours per month. This fast-tracks your progress towards flying jets.

To discover more about this exciting partnership and how you can launch your career as a professional pilot, visit our website or contact our admissions office. Take off towards your dreams with Purdue Global and Take Flight Aviation!

If you would like to book an appointment for an in-person (or online) meeting to discuss training with us, please click here.