Are you holding off on going back to college this year?

We wouldn’t want to stay in a dorm room either during the pandemic, but there’s no reason to take a year off from flying! Take Flight Aviation offers the Part 61 and 141 Programs that you need to continue your Professional Pilot Training. Whether you’re earning your Private, Instrument, Commercial, or need Part 61 Multi Engine, CFI, CFII or MEI training; Take Flight Aviation has the programs to make the most of your time…and you’ll likely find that you get far better training than you would have at school.

Take Flight Aviation has one of the largest fleets in the Northeast, featuring Diamond DA20, DA40, DA40NG and DA42NG aircraft at the ready – all expertly maintained in house at our Diamond Factory Authorized Service Center.

Given our list of AOPA awards and large numbers of truly proficient pilots, you will find yourself turning a year off into a year where you move your flying ahead of where you would have been if you did go back to school. We also offer you’re the opportunity to pursue your degree online with Utah Valley University.

Give us a call at 845-457-4188 and turn this academic year into a winner!