While there have been great times to become a Professional Pilot in the past, nothing compares to the outstanding opportunities that exist now and in the foreseeable future! Pilots are forced to retire at 65, and as an enormous group retires over the next 10 years, there simply aren’t enough qualified pilots to take their places.

Take Flight Aviation’s Accelerated Career Pilot Program takes you from Zero Experience to Commercial Pilot in as little as 6 months. Stick around and earn your Instructor Ratings and you qualify for an interview to start your career with us as a Certified Flight Instructor. In approximately a year and a half, you’ll have not only the 1500 hours of flight time needed to become an airline or private jet pilot, but you’ll also have precisely the experience your next employer is seeking.

Where do I start? Simple Answer: Click HERE to purchase a Gift Certificate its the best way to get you up in the air with no further commitment.

Why Take Flight Aviation?

  • The Northeast’s largest Fleet of state-of-the-art Diamond Aircraft.
  • One of a kind, proven and FAA approved Part 141 Accelerated Training Programs
  • Professional Flight Instructors selected to work with us based on their teaching skills
  • The area’s largest Diamond Factory Authorized Service Center maintaining the fleet in house
  • Career Training Financing available through Meritize
  • 100% of our Career Pilot Program Graduates are employed as Professional Pilot


It all starts with an Introductory Flight Lesson.


If you’re as serious about flying as we are – give us a call. Take Flight Aviation can make it happen for you!