Want a Multi Engine Rating? Train in the Safest & Most Reliable Light Twin in the Sky. The Diamond DA42NG.

As you might have noticed, Take Flight Aviation is focused on using Diamond Aircraft for training, and with good reason. Diamond Aircraft have the best safety record of any small aircraft in the air today – period. Nothing else even comes close. From its Garmin G1000 Panel to its ultra reliable, Jet Fuel sipping Austro/Mercedes diesels, the DA42NG is built to be safe, user friendly and extremely reliable. Having trained over 50 clients for their certifications in the DA42NG fleet last year alone; we can attest to all of those qualities.

The DA42NG is better at preparing you to fly modern twin engine aircraft (including jets), than any other light twin trainer on the market due to its modern technology and great handling characteristics. Our DA42NG fleet is equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics and FADEC style engine controls. Workloads are reduced with propellers that auto feather, automatic fuel mixture control and power that is displayed as a percentage of power available – just like you’d find in a modern turbine. All of that technology is housed in Diamond’s state of the art 26G composite airframe known for not only its sleek looks and predictable handling, but also for its immense level of safety.

These amazing aircraft compliment our highly structured Part 61 Multi-Engine training program with a clearly-defined electronic syllabus, a proprietary study guide and a series of electronically-delivered study documents that allow you to start on a Thursday and be out the doors with a Multi-Engine Rating on Tuesday afternoon. You never have to second guess what the expectations are for your performance or what you need to be reviewing.

We can even break the training into consecutive weekends if that fits your schedule better than the 5-day intensive training (including the practical exam; we have standing appointments on Tuesdays for those). Need an Initial Commercial Multi-Engine Certification? We have a course for that too.

Take Flight Aviation is your Multi-Engine Training Specialist. On Time, On Budget, Using Today’s Technology. Give us a call or schedule a meeting to learn more.

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