Can you become a Private Pilot in 3 weeks?

At Take Flight Aviation you certainly can.

Our full time Part 141 Accelerated Private Pilot Training Program is designed for clients who can dedicate themselves to full time, immersive instruction. The program is intense, but the knowledge and experience gained is worth the hard work.

With a large fleet of modern Diamond DA20 and DA40 equipment at the ready, and a staff of highly competent FAA Certified Flight Instructors skilled in the training techniques that build exemplary pilots; Take Flight Aviation is one of the few companies truly prepared to deliver on Accelerated Private Pilot Training.

Take Flight Aviation also stands at the ready with time proven accelerated Instrument, Commercial and Multi Engine Ratings too (in our extensive fleet of Diamond Austro Powered Twins). In fact, we have 3 different Commercial Certification courses and our ultra-efficient Part 141 Commercial program available to meet the flight time and experience needs of any pilot who seeks our services.

For those seeking a career – our Part 141 Professional Program takes you from zero experience to Commercially Licensed Flight Instructor in 6-9 months depending on how often you fly…with financing available.

Give us a call to learn more or get started!