Elevate Your Skills: Accelerated Multi-Engine Rating with Take Flight Aviation!

Are you ready to add the thrill and efficiency of a Multi-Engine Rating to your pilot credentials? Look no further than Take Flight Aviation, where we make this process a true joy.

Our modern fleet of Diamond DA42NG aircraft is the key to a swift and confident multi-engine rating journey. Say goodbye to training in tired and outdated twin-engine aircraft! Our DA42NG fleet is powered by reliable FADEC-equipped Austro Diesel (Jet A) engines and boasts Diamond G1000 avionics.

At Take Flight Aviation, efficiency is our forte. Most of our clients complete their multi-engine rating program in just 6-8 hours of training, typically finishing within 4 days and taking their practical exam on the 5th day. Plus, we collaborate with multiple qualified examiners, ensuring minimal wait time for flight tests.

Whether you have a pressing need for a multi-engine rating or simply aspire to add this achievement to your repertoire, we’re here to make it happen. Our programs feature clearly laid-out syllabi and coursework for all the aircraft we train in.

Additionally, we take pride in our full-service in-house maintenance facility, staffed by dedicated technicians who keep our fleet in top-notch condition.

With great instructors, the best aircraft, flexible scheduling, and top-flight maintenance, Take Flight Aviation offers year-round real training to make you the best pilot for all seasons.

Are you ready to elevate your flying skills? Contact us today to get started on your journey to a Multi-Engine Rating.

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