Have you ever dreamed of changing careers and taking to the skies as a Professional Pilot? Now is the perfect time to make that leap, and Take Flight Aviation is your ideal partner for this incredible journey!

With starting annual salaries at $100,000 and the potential to soar well beyond $400,000 at major airlines, the aviation industry offers unprecedented earning potential. When it comes to professional pilot training, there’s no better place to train than Take Flight Aviation.

Our full-time accelerated Professional Pilot Training Program is meticulously designed to be completed in just six to nine months. This program sets you on the path to becoming a working flight instructor, including an interview opportunity at Take Flight. In just over a year from graduation, you’ll have gained enough flight experience to be airline-ready, potentially propelling you into a six-figure salary within two years!

At Take Flight Aviation, our FAA-Approved Part 141 program ensures your success through highly structured one-on-one training. Our state-of-the-art Diamond Aircraft fleet is meticulously maintained in-house by our skilled team of full-time A&P mechanics. Our instructors are chosen for their exceptional teaching abilities, creating a safe, efficient, and enjoyable learning environment.

Our dedicated schedulers will build your entire training schedule for each license at the start of your journey. This means you’ll never have to worry about scheduling lessons or aircraft. We collaborate with a substantial team of FAA Designated Examiners, ensuring you can take your Practical Exam as soon as you complete each course.

Located just north of the New York metropolitan area, Take Flight Aviation offers training in quiet airspace, just a short flight away from the bustling airspace you’ll navigate in your aviation career. This proximity allows for efficient, real-world training experiences.

We understand that financing your dream is essential, and we offer financing options for qualified individuals.

Are you ready to transform your career and join the ranks of professional pilots? Contact us today to learn more about how Take Flight Aviation can help you achieve your goals!

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