Welcome to the Take Flight Aviation Training Completion Program.


It’s a fact; many people start training for a Pilot’s License or Rating and for one reason or another, don’t finish. All that time and money you have invested isn’t wasted – Take Flight Aviation can evaluate your current knowledge & skill retention and offer you a structured, efficient way to wrap up your training.

Through the use of our proprietary transfer evaluation system, we can pinpoint exactly where in our structured training program to place you; maximizing learning and eliminating waste. You have the option of fast tracking your training with our accelerated training program, allowing you to wrap up a license or rating in a few days to a few weeks depending on prior experience and skill retention, or you can take a more leisurely approach and fly a couple times a week. The decision is yours. If you’re reading this, the dream is still alive – it’s time to make it a reality with Take Flight Aviation!

Give us a call or drop by to see what we have to offer YOU!