There isn’t a better way to launch your career as a Professional Pilot than by enrolling in Take Flight Aviation’s Professional Pilot Training Program. Our 6 month, Intensive, academy style Part 141 Private, Instrument and Commercial Pilot Training Programs have proven time and again to build intelligent, safe, and efficient aviators. Each program was built after extensive research with current airline and corporate check airmen to see what they were finding lacking in new hire pilots. Take Flight’s graduates have a 100% placement rate at airlines and corporate operators throughout the region – and they pass through their initial airline and corporate training successfully every time.

Don’t get roped into thinking that you must go through an airline gateway program to land the job of your choice. Many airlines are so desperate for pilots right now that they have created programs to rope you into working for them before you really know enough about the industry to understand where you really want to be. With Take Flight Aviation’s Professional Pilot Program, you control your destiny. After training in our fleet of cutting-edge technology Diamond Aircraft fleet, you can continue on to earn your Instructor Ratings. We hire most of our graduates to work with us as staff Flight Instructors. As you reach the 1500 hours required to earn your Airline Transport Pilot License, you have every regional airline and many charter and corporate operators to choose from. Remember, the airline that looks great today might not look so great in a couple years when you’re ready to go there…an early commitment isn’t always in your best interest.

With financing available to qualified applicants through Meritize financial https://www.takeflightoc.com/professional-pilot-financing/ and a perfect record of our alumni finding the jobs they desire; Take Flight Aviation provides you with the flexibility to carve out your own future. No corporate gimmicks, no empty promises – just award-winning flight training from a group a people dedicated to passing along the art and science of aviation to the next generation of professional aviators. Are you ready to get started?
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