As strange as it might sound; this is a fantastic time to start your training to become a professional pilot!

You almost can’t open a newspaper lately without hearing about airlines seeing bookings returning worldwide faster than they expected. These same airlines are also seeing pilots retiring as they reach age 65 and an increasing number of pilots are opting to take early retirement. What does this mean to you? It means there will be a lot of high paying jobs becoming available in the coming 1-2 years.

Take Flight Aviation’s Professional Pilot Training Program offers you the opportunity to go from ZERO HOURS to your first professional pilot job as a Flight Instructor in as little as 9 months – and we hire our graduates. Most pilots work as a Flight Instructor for a year and a half and then move on to Corporate and Airline jobs. In other word – those who start their training now will be at the front of the new wave of hiring in a couple years.

Take Flight Aviation offers accelerated Part 141 training in modern Diamond Aircraft that are maintained to the highest standards. Take Flight has won multiple Flight Training Excellence Awards including being named the Best in the Nation, Best in the Northeast and the Prestigious President’s Award. With a large number of beautiful Air Bnb rentals nearby, finding a comfortable and safe place to stay is easy!

Since you wish to become a professional pilot and want to train intensively, you may qualify for the Meritize Finance program which allows you to pay nothing until you start working, and even then payments are linked to whether you are working as a flight instructor as an airline pilot later on in your career following a structured professional progress logic. Click here to check out how the Meritize program works: https://www.takeflightoc.com/professional-pilot-financing/

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