Why do we own and operate Diamond Aircraft? 

As you might have noticed, Take Flight Aviation is focused on using Diamond Aircraft for training, and with good reason. Diamond Aircraft have the best safety record of any small aircraft in the air today – period. Nothing else even comes close. Take the Diamond twins for example. There have been ZERO Diamond Twin (DA42 and DA62) fatalities in the US since the DA42 roll out in the US in 2006.

The single engine fleet manages amazing statistics too. The Diamond DA20 has 10.3 mishaps – compared to 17.3 for the Cessna 172, a plane flown in comparable training missions – while the Diamond DA40 has 4.0 mishaps, much better than the 8.2 for the comparable Cirrus SR20, and slightly better than the 4.9 for the Cessna 182.

The Diamond fleet is safe for several reasons, but their superior handling characteristics certainly are a major factor in their amazing safety record.  The aircraft are very docile and predictable – perfect for training.  They are loaded with cutting edge technology, from the Garmin Avionics to the latest design and manufacturing techniques. Fuel Tanks located safely between box spars (essentially beams in the wings) and a 26G impact absorbing composite monocoque airframe with impact absorbing crush boxes under the seats are some of the built-in safety features that typically go unnoticed.  Add unbeatable reliability, quality fit and finish and comfort to the mix, and you have a winning aircraft.

Take Flight Aviation has one of the largest fleets of Diamond DA20, DA40, DA40NG and DA42NG’s on the East Coast.  We built all our training programs to maximize the learning experience in the aircraft and operate a Diamond Factory Authorized Service Center to keep the fleet in perfect shape.

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