We get calls weekly from commercially-rated pilots who trained elsewhere wanting to learn about our Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Training Program.  It begs the question of why most flight schools do not offer this training – and in the rare case where they do, why are the programs not terribly successful?

The answer is two-fold.  First, while most any CFI can train a new Instructor applicant, he or she must have held their CFI rating for at least 24 calendar months in order to be legally eligible to endorse an applicant for their initial instructor rating.  Sadly, most flight schools don’t have many staff members with enough experience to be able to sign off new CFI applicants for their first instructor rating.  If you don’t have the experienced staff, you can’t provide the service – it’s that simple.
Second, and as important, many flight schools take a “one size fits all” approach to Instructor training.  Frequently we see students coming to us having taken an “intensive” CFI Academy ground school course where they build lesson plans and receive lectures, but never really develop their ability to teach the material.  This is one of the big reasons that the national first-time pass rate for the initial CFI practical test hovers around 50%.

At Take Flight Aviation, we take a very different approach.  Our Instructor courses are structured to develop skills as a safe, efficient, and effective teacher of aviation material, both in the classroom and in the aircraft.  We maintain a team of experienced instructors, three of whom can not only endorse our clients in the CFI program, but also help them develop their teaching skills along the way.  Our graduates this year enjoyed a 95% first time pass rate.  Let us reiterate that point – them:  50% pass rate, us: 95% pass rate while using a multitude of examiners.

The CFI Training Program at Take Flight Aviation is part of our Professional Pilot Training Program – one of the few programs in the country that can take you from zero time to working Instructor successfully – on time and within budget (and with financing if you need it).  If you want to be the best Professional Pilot and Flight Instructor you can be, stop wasting your time looking elsewhere.  Take Flight Aviation is ready to make it happen.

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