Professional Pilot Training Program Financing at Take Flight Aviation via STRATUS Financial

Take Flight Aviation has developed a worldwide reputation for having the finest and most personalized Professional Pilot Training available. We have found a lending company with a similar mindset in Stratus Financial. Their Professional Pilot Training Lending Package includes the following:

Full financing for entire flight training and more

Affordable payment options, including deferment for 12 months while completing training AND finding a job

Pay off loan any time desired with no consequences or penalties

Counseling with team of flight instructors and ground instructors for support through flight training, check rides and interviews with airlines

Resume reviewing, editing, and building

Ask-Me-Anything Phone Calls with Pilots in the Part 121 and 135 Industries (Airline and Charter Pilots) – What It’s like, How They Got Their Job, etc.

With regional airlines routinely paying 90K a year to start, there is more reason than ever to get started right away. Don’t be one of the numbers, be the pilot that gets the job and is fully prepared to tackle it. Take Flight Aviation has the proven track record in building pilots the airlines and charter operators not only need, but want! Call now to learn more or…

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