Times like these naturally lead people to rethink their futures. Dreams of seeing distant places and having the freedom to roam the world seem a bit far off lately, but that won’t last forever. The aviation industry is in the midst of a major realignment that is opening up numerous flying jobs even as the airlines start increasing their flight schedules again.

Just last week we talked with a senior pilot at one of the largest regional carriers in the county who said every one of their aircraft is back in the air and that with middle seats blocked due for social distancing, most every flight is filled to restricted capacity. We had the same discussion with a senior check airman at a large domestic low-cost carrier – same story there: every flight full to restricted capacity.

That was encouraging news from an airline industry standpoint but even better is that the amount of air freight is hitting record levels, and the operators of many of those aircraft have been busy hiring. In almost all cases the pilots who are furloughed from legacy carriers can’t take those jobs without giving up their seniority, so those carriers are still hiring out of regional carriers and, more recently, from charter carriers.

Many of our past instructors have been hired by private jet and turboprop operators. In fact, one of them recently was hired from his private jet job into a major parcel carrier flying heavy equipment. Others enjoy flying top-of-the-line private jets all over the world. As the pandemic comes under greater control in the coming year, all facets of the aviation field are predicted to see more hiring. In fact, Take Flight Aviation continues to grow too and plans to hire more well-compensated instructor pilots to train our clients, deliver aircraft all over the country, and work as safety pilots.

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