At Take Flight Aviation we have a thick file of Flight Instructor resumes sent to us over the past few months. There is some real talent represented in those CVs, but they all lack one thing – they didn’t train with us. We hire onto our team 99% of the pilots we train as CFIs – and with good reason. Nobody knows better how to instruct using our programs and to our exacting standards than pilots who trained in those programs themselves!

Whether you are just starting your path to become a professional pilot via our Part 141 Accelerated Professional Pilot Program (financing available) or are an already-certificated pilot, training with us puts you at the front of the list to then work with us on our team of well-qualified Certified Flight Instructors.

We offer the entire line of modern Diamond Aircraft (maintained by a team of highly-experienced A&P Technicians), efficient training programs, financing for those in our Pro Programs (full or partial), and a supportive learning environment. For those looking to work with us, we offer top pay, flexible scheduling, company-sponsored training, the chance to fly a consistent schedule, and career assistance throughout the process.

And this isn’t just the domain of the young (although they do very well with us). Being a CFI is also a wonderful second career, allowing you to enjoy every day flying while sharing your love of aviation. We don’t ask our instructors to answer phones or wash airplanes. We train professional pilots and we treat our staff as such.

While many flight schools offer professional training but little opportunity for work, Take Flight Aviation stands apart with its impressive history of hiring its graduates. Whether it’s zero time to CFI or anything in between – if you want to turn your training into a career you love, Take Flight Aviation offers what you’re looking for.

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