Referred to as a “sport utility vehicle with wings”, “belonging on the short list of the greatest light twins ever” and a “Winner” by a FLYING magazine, The Diamond DA62 redefines the light twin.  The DA62 represents a balanced marriage of technology, performing, engineering and safety in an aesthetically beautiful package.  With full FADEC controlled Diesel (Jet A) engines, operation is relegated to power control only and not only is the cost of operation low, but the cost of engine overhauls is roughly half that of a comparable gas engine.  The Diamond DA62 is a real people hauler, with speed, load carrying capacity, the inherent safety of redundant power systems and performance:

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Fuel Burn 14.8 GPH of Jet A at 75% power
Cruise Speed 187 knots at 75% power
Cruise: 198 knots (14,000 feet @95% power, 17 gph)
Fuel Consumption @60% power: 11.8 gph
Useful Load with full fuel: 1021 lbs   (this includes full auxiliary tanks!)
Max Useful Load: 1609 lbs
Range: 1285 nm
Realistic Loading Scenario – five full-size adults (190 lbs each), two children, bags and 60 gallons of fuel for a 644 nm range at standard cruise power at 14,000 feet.
Stall Clean: 70 kias
Stall Full Flaps: 64 kias
Takeoff Distance: 1265 ft
Takeoff Distance over 50’ obstacle: 2097 ft
Landing Distance: 1259 ft
Max Rate of Climb: 1346 fpm
Single Engine Rate of Climb: 288 fpm
Service Ceiling: 20,000 ft
Flight Into known Icing Certified

So what does this mean for you as a New York area based pilot?  It means using typical IFR Routing:

24 minutes from White Plains to East Hampton (try that on the Long Island Expressway)
48 minutes from White Plains to Boston Logan
1 hour from White Plains to Baltimore
54 minutes from White Plains to Nantucket
2 hours from White Plains to Columbus, Ohio
2 hours from White Plains to Raleigh, North Carolina
3.5 hours from White Plains to Savannah, Georgia
3.5 hours from White Plains to Bermuda

The DA62 will get you and your family or business associates where you’re going quickly, efficiently and in air conditioned comfort.  For a pilot it’s a very low workload aircraft, so you can focus on the joy of flight.  For a passenger, it’s the perfect aircraft to relax and unwind in, knowing that it’s just as capable of flying on one engine as it is one two.
Whether you are looking to fly it yourself, or have your own turn-key private flight department – Take Flight Aviation has a program for you.

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