So what does this mean to you?
Through our Part 141 Training Programs, we can provide an even higher quality of training with reduced required minimum flight time – Think of it as Take Flight’s Premium Flight Training Program and the IDEAL training for someone seeking an accelerated training program. For the Private Pilot Certification, it can conceivably save you a few hours, but the real savings comes for the Instrument Pilot who no longer needs to gain 50 hours of Cross Country PIC in order to be eligible for the Instrument Certificate.

How does the Part 141 program get you a license with less time flying? The 141 programs are designed to be intensive, with highly structured coursework and FAA oversight. By spending more time with your Instructor and working through a rigorous program with enhanced performance standards, you’re on track for even faster completion times than in our Part 61 Programs while obtaining a greater depth of knowledge and skills.

Who should apply for this program? We are making our 141 Programs available for clients who will commit to flying at least 3 days a week, every week for the duration of their training. The intensity of the training programs and the standards to which you must perform simply aren’t geared for the casual student flyer but are IDEAL for the client who can dedicate themselves to a more intensive schedule.


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