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Take Flight Aviation has had a great few years, having won AOPA’s Best Flight School in the Nation & Best Flight School in the Northeast in 2018, Best Flight School in the Northeast in 2017 and AOPA’s President’s Choice Award and Outstanding Flight School in 2016…..but what does this mean to you?

DA40 flight trainingThe meaning of these awards for you, our clients, or prospective clients, is clear – every minute of your time and dollar you spend at Take Flight goes further towards not only getting you the pilot’s licenses and ratings you desire, but towards building you into a truly valuable member of the aviation community! Here’s how that happens:

If you’re looking to fly for leisure, it’s very likely that you’ll earn a Private Pilot’s License and likely an Instrument Rating and that might be the end of your formal training, with the exceptions of aircraft check outs and a Flight Review every two years. At Take Flight, we focus your training not only in the practice area and airport traffic pattern, but also away from the airport, taking the types of trips you are likely to use the aircraft for after training.

flight schoolTake Flight Aviation focuses on developing real world flying skills from lesson one. We have YOU planning the trips, introduce real world scenario based training and challenge you to fly to locations that develop your skills and build the confidence to USE that license for years to come…the way you wanted to. When it comes to Instrument Training, we focus on getting you flying in real world Instrument Conditions, in some of the busiest airspace in America. Anyone who has learned to fly in the NY airspace in Instrument Meteorological Conditions with our highly refined programs and state of the art equipment has the confidence to go where they want to go…safely.

Those who come to Take Flight Aviation to launch their careers (and we launch a lot of careers), expect efficient training and a fine attention to detail. What they often are surprised at is that Take Flight prepares them not only to become adept pilots, but also to operate successfully in the professional aviation environment.

Our programs and documents (both Part 61 and those in our Accelerated Part 141 program) are designed to emulate those that they will see later in their careers. In fact, our FAA Approved Flight Operations Manual is designed to be very similar to the General Operations Manual that all Corporate, Charter and Airline Operators use. Further, our training programs are designed to be very similar to the training program that professional pilots use later in their careers, both in substance and delivery. Coupled with very high training standards and recurrent testing, we’ve found that our students have zero problems getting through their initial Corporate, Charter and Airline training later on.

instrument trainingOf course, in today’s world, earning a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor Rating) is really the best way to build time and refine your skills….it’s also the hardest rating to earn, with national first time CFI’s failing nearly 50% for their FAA Practical Exams on the first attempt. Take Flight has spent the time and money to build a CFI program that not only has a pass rate that’s head and shoulders above the national average, but has also built some of the best CFI’s working in the region. Our CFI program is designed around you….and we know that every single person who walks through our doors has a different starting point when it comes to their native ability to convey information. We frequently hire our graduates, and with good reason – they simply are better than anyone else we interview (and we interview a LOT of CFI’s every year). Great CFI’s build great pilots, and great pilots make great members of the aviation community.

We, as an industry, need the next generation of aviation community ambassadors. Take Flight Aviation offers you the challenge to become the next person to pass aviation along to their friends and family. Whether your goal is to fly with your family and friends for fun, or fly a 777 full of passengers overseas, it all starts with one call. Are you ready? We are, and await your call!!