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Private Pilot Training: No matter where you’re looking to go with your flying experience, you start in the same place: The Private Pilot License. Take Flight Aviation offers one of the most thorough and efficient Private Pilot Training Programs in the Country. The training follows a natural taxonomy of learning, so you will never feel overwhelmed or stuck at any point during your studies. You pass through a series of three Stage Checks, which not only allow us to measure your progress, but also teaches you how to be successful while taking the type of oral and practical exam that the FAA requires you to take at the end of the course. The end result is a pilot who not only can pass a test, but more importantly, is up to the rigors of everyday flying, and confident enough in their skills to really use their new found freedom in the skies.

Best of all, we offer this training in two ways – Part 61 training, which allows for maximum scheduling flexibility for those who train once or twice a week and Part 141 academy style training; which allows for intensive accelerated training for those who want to get the License quickly.

Instrument Rating Training: Offered exclusively in our fleet of Garmin G1000 glass cockpit equipped Diamond DA40’s, we have extremely refined programs offered in both Part 61 and Part 141 styles for the Instrument and Commercial Single engine ratings and licenses. Part 141 Instrument clients not only can move through the program quickly, but are permitted to get the Instrument Rating without having the earn the 50 hours of cross country Pilot In Command time required under Part 61 regulations.

Commercial Pilot’s License Training: Our Commercial License Training comes in two variation under Part 61 depending upon your experience coming into the program as well as one of the most unique and efficient Part 141 Programs we’ve even seen (we wrote it to eliminate the shortcomings we saw in all of the other programs we had researched).

Multi Engine Training: A very unique aspect of our Commercial Part 141 Program is that it offers training in our State of the Art Diamond DA42NG twin engine aircraft. That said; you don’t have to be enrolled in any of our 141 Academy classes to enjoy that training…..we also offer the same multi engine training through our standalone Part 61 Multi Engine Private, and Multi Engine Commercial add on or Initial Commercial rating programs.

Professional Pilot Training Program: Clients looking to enter a career in the cockpit can take the entire list of Programs mentioned above in our Part 141 Professional Pilot Training course. In fact, this course also incorporates our Part 61 Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor and Multi Engine Instructor programs into one cohesive and thorough program that prepares you for a job as a Certified Flight Instructor. There is an acute pilot shortage right now and Flight Instructors are extremely employable. In fact, we hire most of the Instructors we build in this program.

Take Flight Aviation is fortunate to work with numerous FAA Designated Examiners, meaning we don’t experience the delays often found at other flight schools – which simply enhances the efficiency of your training. Give us a call to learn more or reserve time to get your dreams off the ground!

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