Get That Pilot’s License IN YOUR Hands NOW with Take Flight Aviation.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, adding a rating, or finishing up training started elsewhere; Take Flight Aviation has the know how to get you trained to high standards quickly.

Our accelerated programs can get a Private Pilot’s Certificate in your hands in a few months; and Instrument Rating in a few weeks and a Multi Engine Add on in a few days.

Maybe you’re training elsewhere in a “go nowhere fast” program?  We have a transfer program that evaluates what your current performance level is and then get you back on track the way you should have been from the start.

With 109 successful Practical Exams behind us this year already – and 3 more months to go, we have a fantastic track record of building talented pilots.  If you’re ready to get serious about getting that license or rating in your hands, just give us a call or…If you would like to book an appointment for an in-person meeting, please click here

If you’re as serious about flying as we are – give us a call. Take Flight Aviation can make it happen for you!