Why spend a fortune at an Aviation University when you can get better aviation training AND a degree (optional) while saving a small fortune right here in NY?
It wasn’t that long ago that you needed to be an ex-military pilot or have a degree from an aviation university to be able to land a job as a professional airline pilot. The critical shortage of pilots across the world and particularly here in the US has prompted the airlines and freight carriers to drop college requirements…which makes your flight training even more critical to being a safe and successful professional pilot.

Take Flight Aviation, which has been named Best in the Nation and Best in the Northeast by AOPA, offers world class accelerated Part 141 Professional Pilot Training. Our 6 month, intensive, academy style Part 141 Private, Instrument and Commercial Pilot Training Programs have proven time and again to build intelligent, safe, and efficient aviators. Take Flight’s graduates have a 100% placement rate at airlines and corporate operators throughout the country – and they pass through their initial airline and corporate training successfully every time.

With Take Flight Aviation’s Professional Pilot Program, you control your destiny. After training in our fleet of cutting-edge technology Diamond Aircraft fleet, you can continue on to earn your Instructor Ratings. We hire most of our graduates to work with us as staff Flight Instructors. As you reach the 1500 hours required to earn your Airline Transport Pilot License, you have every regional airline and many charter and corporate operators to choose from. Flying for the big legacy carriers is right around the corner from there.

Additionally, you can earn your Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree with Utah Valley University Online, an accredited and respected University with one of the Nation’s largest and most successful Aviation Departments – through one of their online programs while concurrently performing your flight training with Take Flight Aviation. You’ll get the same degree that you would earn attending the school in person, and you’ll earn your ratings with the school recognized as the best in the business by the AOPA – and you’ll save a small fortune in the process.

With financing available to qualified applicants – there’s no better way to ensure that you have the real-world flying skills and the experience the airlines and corporate flight departments are looking for.

If you’re as serious about flying as we are – give us a call. Take Flight Aviation can make it happen for you!