As the year unfolds, so do your career possibilities in the aviation industry, and at Take Flight Aviation, we’re proud to be a launchpad for our graduates into diverse positions across the field.

Corporate Pilot Opportunities Await!-

While we often highlight the exciting opportunities in airline jobs, let’s not overlook the exceptional pay and unique experiences that beckon aspiring corporate pilots. Corporate piloting offers a customer-service-oriented role, with diverse missions and airports that promise excitement and challenge. With salaries reaching well into six figures, a career in corporate aviation might be the exhilarating path you’re seeking.

Achieve Your Goals with Take Flight’s Professional Pilot Program!

Our professional pilot program is designed to propel you toward success, whether you’re aiming for a corporate or airline pilot career. In just 6-9 months of flight training and approximately 18 months of flight instruction, you’ll accrue the necessary hours to confidently step into the next phase of your aviation journey.

Why Take Flight Aviation?

  • Top-Tier Training Programs: We boast one of the best training programs in the country, ensuring you receive comprehensive and effective instruction.
  • Exceptional Aircraft Fleet: Train with the best using our top-tier aircraft, setting the stage for your success.
  • Outstanding Maintenance Support: Enjoy peace of mind with our top-tier maintenance staff, ensuring your aircraft is in optimal condition.
  • Why settle for less when you can choose the best? Take the next step in your aviation career with Take Flight Aviation. Contact us today to discuss your goals.

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