Take Flight Select is more than the name of an aircraft management program, it’s a concept delivered. Built in part by you, for you, – Take Flight Select is your private flight department, designed to meet your evolving needs as an aircraft owner and user. We offer a list of optional services from which you select your services. These services are billed on a monthly basis and services can be changed as you see fit. Certainly we can make recommendations, but in the end it’s your aircraft, your schedule and your investment.

Take Flight Select Services:

Aircraft Storage:

Take Flight’s Private Indoor Heated Hangar (on space available basis)
Outdoor Tie Down – our location or yours
Hangar at your local airport

Piloting Services:

Single highly experienced professional salaried corporate.
Day rate for pilot services from our pool of qualified professional pilots.
Mentor Pilot certified flight instructor services to train you in the operation of the aircraft. (note, this pertains to aircraft owners already holding the appropriate category and class ratings).

Aircraft Maintenance & Handling:

Complete maintenance tracking & scheduling

Post Flight Maintenance Inspections*. Take Flight Aviation’s staff of Diamond trained technicians will provide post flight inspections after every flight of your aircraft. All wear will be monitored and any component requiring attention will be noted and brought to your attention before further action is taken. Available only at KMGJ.

All Annual Inspections and any routine maintenance will be performed by Take Flight Aviation’s trained technicians.

All databases for which there are active accounts will be update as the manufacturer’s specified intervals.

Aircraft Washing and Detailing – Aircraft will be washed as needed and detailed, inside and out, after every flight. This includes wash, wax as required, interior vacuum, a wipe down of interior surfaces, and cleaning of windows and display screens.

Aircraft Fueling and Ground Handling – Ensuring the proper fueling of the aircraft and safe movement of the aircraft into/out of hangar or if stored outdoors, ensures proper securing and installing or covers/cowl plugs on the aircraft.

Travel Assistance:

Take Flight Aviation will assist in international trip planning/customs either internally or through a handling company (depending upon the nature of the trip)**.

The aircraft can be stored at our facility and flown to the airport of your choice for pick- up and delivery of you and your passengers.

Limited catering can be arranged for.