Purchasing an aircraft is a very unique experience and very different from any other acquisition you are likely to ever be involved with.  Unless you have spent years involved in the operation of aircraft for a variety of purposes, determining which aircraft is right for you isn’t always as obvious as you think.  The ability to help our clients accurately define their mission for an aircraft, both now and in the future, is one of the keys to aiding you in finding an aircraft that you will be happy with for some time to come.

Once you know precisely which aircraft fits your needs the task of locating it becomes the focus.  Sure, you can spend some time looking at ads on the Internet, but that doesn’t necessarily show you the best of the best, and it certainly doesn’t promise you anything close to an aircraft that has been vetted for you.   Take Flight’s partnership with Lifestyle Aviation allows us to bring you the closest thing to a true certified preowned aircraft that you will ever likely find in the industry.  By the time you see an aircraft for sale on our website, that aircraft has been thoroughly inspected, its history and logbooks scrutinized and its integrity proven.  Many of the aircraft that we sell via our partnership with Lifestyle Aviation come to market as a byproduct of long term relationships – in fact, it’s not at all unusual for the aircraft to have been sold new by Lifestyle and is coming back to the market as the owners needs change.  These aircraft are prime, cream of the crop examples of their respective makes and models.   These same long established relationships can also be used to find most any model of aircraft.  Whether it’s your first aircraft that you intend to fly yourself, or an aircraft you plan to use in support of a business or lifestyle, Take Flight & Lifestyle Aviation have you covered.  From Pistons to Turbo Props, we have the relationships to ensure you a positive aircraft purchase and ownership experience.

When you come to us to explore purchasing an aircraft, expect the conversation to include the following points:

1. Is it the “Right” aircraft”?
2. What is the “Right Ownership Structure”?
3. What are the economics of ownership in the right structure?
The Take Flight / Lifestyle Aviation Partnership – Getting aviation dreams off the ground one client at a time.