The Training Programs


The Take Flight Aviation Difference is multi-faceted. Last week we took a look at how we are able to attract and retain some of the finest Flight Instructors in the Industry – this week we’re going to look at the programs they employ to build you into a skilled airman (or woman).

Years ago I had a plaque hanging on my wall that stated “He Who Knows Not in Which Direction he Sails Shall Never Find Favorable Winds.” When building Take Flight Aviation’s training programs, we knew right up front that we needed to establish a clear plan of action with easily identifiable goals for every step of the training. We looked at every commercially available training program available to us, even trying some out to see if we could get the results we wanted. It became clear very quickly that we needed to build our own programs.

Take Flight Aviation hired a pilot with Corporate, Airline and Flight School Management experience who also possessed an advanced degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology to head up the development of its training programs. He then went to his contacts in various Airline and Corporate Aviation training departments as well as the FAA and asked what their concerns were with their new hire pilots and new Private, Instrument Commercial and CFI Pilots that they are seeing. The answers were very uniform across the entire group questioned, so we set forth building our new programs to address those issues as well as making the material very real world based and easy to understand. We opted to reference Jeppesen texts and online material as well as FAA and other 3rd party texts that we have found to be the best available for assigned readings. These reading are updated as regulations and technology change and allow our clients to have access to the most comprehensive knowledge base available.

Over the years we refined those programs, and wrote accelerated Part 141 Programs based on all that we had learned. We then hired our Part 141 Chief Pilot, who has extensive experience as an FAA Inspector and national level management experience before reentering the Private Aviation sector. He helped us refine the programs further and obtain full FAA Part 141 Certification. He personally checks out all of our Part 141 Instructors and oversees our Part 141 operations.

The outcome of our hard work shows in the consistent quality of the pilots we build. The direction we sail in is that of Safety, Preparedness, Knowledge, Skill and Consistency – a direction that makes finding favorable winds easy to accomplish. Let Take Flight Aviation help you find Favorable Winds for your Aviation journey!

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