Are you considering the exciting path of becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)? Look no further than Take Flight Aviation, where we offer an accelerated CFI course that consistently achieves a remarkable 98% initial pass rate.

In a field where the national average for first-time pass rates hovers around 50%, you might wonder how we accomplish this. The answer is simple: we don’t just teach you the Practical Test Standards; we teach you how to teach. This commitment to excellence is why we exclusively hire from our own CFI program.

At Take Flight Aviation, our mission is not only to produce exceptional pilots but also to nurture outstanding instructors. It’s no coincidence that we have been leading the way in the northeast as a premier flight training institution for years, producing top-tier aviators from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot.

If you’re passionate about aviation and aspire to become a flight instructor, you’ve found the perfect place to start your journey. Join us at Take Flight Aviation, where we believe that to train the best pilots, you must first build the best flight instructors.

Discover the difference and embark on your path to becoming a skilled and sought-after CFI. Contact us today to learn more about our accelerated CFI course and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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