At most flight schools, Accelerated Multi-Engine Rating advertising promises that in a given number of days you can come in, get trained for a set price and walk away with a multi-engine rating. What those ads fail to do is give any indication of how the company plans to make that happen.

At Take Flight Aviation, our plan for a successful training experience is a big part of the reason our clients come to us. We have a highly structured Part 61 Multi-Engine training program with a clearly-defined electronic syllabus, a proprietary study guide and a series of electronically-delivered study documents that allow you to start on a Thursday and be out the doors with a Multi-Engine Rating on Tuesday afternoon. You never have to second guess what the expectations are for your performance or what you need to be reviewing.

We employ the use of a Redbird FMX Full-Motion Flight Training Device as well as our fleet of modern and reliable Diamond DA42NG aircraft to ensure your training is completed efficiently and on budget. We can even break the training into consecutive weekends if that fits your schedule better than the 5-day intensive training (including the practical exam; we have standing appointments on Tuesdays for those). Need an Initial Commercial Multi-Engine Certification? We have a course for that too.

Take Flight Aviation is your Multi-Engine Training Specialist. On Time, On Budget, Using Today’s Technology. Give us a call or schedule a meeting to learn more.

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