Every week we get inquiries from people who are price-shopping. We get it – we shop on the internet, too. The problem with shopping for a Flight School based on price is that 40 hours of training at Take Flight is vastly different from 40 hours at any other school. In fact, having researched it ourselves we find on average that 1 hour at Take Flight equals about 1.8 hours at most other schools. We get the majority of our Private Pilot accelerated students done in 40 hours while the national average is a little over 70 hours. Simply put, we offer better value for every dollar spent.

It’s for this reason that we caution you not to shop on price alone, but instead shop for value – and know the questions you need to ask to identify it. Recall that Value is defined as “The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.”

Most of our competitors like to advertise low prices which they know aren’t representative of what you’ll ultimately end up paying but they use those rates to get you in the door. Worse, the quality of training at these companies is marginal at best, so you end up paying more in the end for shoddy training, chronically-broken aircraft and instructors who are more interested in building hours than building pilots. Our price estimates represent the average of what our clients actually end up spending – allowing you to see a real, all-inclusive cost estimate.

Value goes far beyond realistic estimates though. Take Flight Aviation builds successful pilots with a nearly non-existent drop-out rate. We offer:

  • Proprietary Part 61 training programs and Part 141 programs designed for accelerated training
  • A large fleet of 18 aircraft consisting primarily of late-model Diamond DA20 and DA40 aircraft
  • Two Multi-Engine Diamond DA42NG aircraft
  • A dozen full-time flight instructors –all of whom have gone through extensive in-house training
  • We work with multiple Examiners to eliminate wait times for check rides
    We are the recipient of multiple AOPA Flight Training Experience Awards including best in Nation, Best in The Northeast and President’s Choice Awards for innovation
  • Training for all fixed-wing land ratings
  • Financing available
  • Well above national average pass rates
  • Nearly non-existent drop-out rate
  • Large in-house maintenance department
  • Career counseling
  • Employment potential after graduation
  • On-Time and On-Budget graduations
  • Real-world New York area training environment, but at a quiet and efficient airfield

So…what questions should you ask to identify value? Use the list above as a guide. Take Flight Aviation offers the best value in general aviation training and services. You worked hard to make your money, why spend more than you need to and get less than the best? Take Flight Aviation – The BEST VALUE in General Aviation Training and Services

Give us a call to see what we can do for you.