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1 - Standard Aircraft Introductory Flight

Very similar to the Light Sport Intro Flight except if you think that you may wish to go on and get your Private Pilots License this may be the right choice for you!. This lesson even counts for .5 towards the total time you will need to obtain your Pilots License.


2 - Extended Intro Flight:

For those individuals whom are looking to do a little bit more then the basic Intro Flight this is the option for you.  It will give you a full 30 minutes of ground instruction and then you will move into your flight.  This is a great option for people who think that they may want to continue on flight training past the intro flight.


3 - Diamond Aircraft Intro Flight

There is no better aircraft to train in than the Diamond DA40 - period.
For the discerning individual who enjoys the finest in performance, cutting edge avionics, rich leather appointments, and the best safety record in the the industry all wrapped up in a slick, easy to handle composite airframe, Take Flight Aviation presents to you - the Diamond DA40.  In our hangar, meticulously maintained and available for training and rental today at very reasonable rates.

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Types Of Introductory Flights

If you have any questions about any of these options please call us at 845-457-4188.