Become a Commercial Pilot with Take Flight Aviation

Are you dreaming of a career that takes you to the skies? Take Flight Aviation is your launchpad into the exciting world of aviation. Our Commercial Pilot Training Programs under both Part 61 and Part 141 are designed to transform aspiring aviators into skilled professionals, ready to soar.

Why Choose Take Flight Aviation?

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our all-digital courses meticulously cover every aspect of pilot training, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your aviation career.
Flexible Scheduling: We understand your need for a program that fits into your life. Our dedicated schedulers will design your training schedule to accommodate your personal and professional commitments.
Fast Track to the Skies: Complete your training and earn your Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Multi-Engine Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor ratings in just 6-9 months.
Career Launchpad: Graduating from Take Flight Aviation doesn’t just mean you’re certified; it means you’re ready for your first job in aviation.

Open Days and Enrollment:

Join us at Take Flight Aviation to learn more about our programs, meet the instructors, and get a taste of the pilot’s seat with our simulator experiences. Enrollment for our next intake is open now!

Ready to Take Flight?

Your career as a commercial pilot begins here. Don’t let this opportunity fly by! For more information and to apply, visit Take Flight Aviation’s website or contact us at scheduling@takeflightoc.com.

Let your dreams take flight with Take Flight Aviation – where your aviation career is cleared for takeoff!

If you would like to book an appointment for an in-person (or online) meeting to discuss training with us, please click here.