Modern, reliable, and magnificently maintained Diamond DA42NG and Diamond 62 Aircraft; structured programs designed to maximize your learning efficiently and highly experienced Multi Engine Instructors – that’s what you find when you come to Take Flight Aviation in partnership with Pilot Proficiency International for Multi Engine Training at Long Island’s Republic Airport.

At the heart of the programs is our fleet of Diamond DA42NG Aircraft. These aircraft are equipped with Mercedes/Austro Diesel engines which burn roughly 6 gph of Jet A fuel each. The mixture and propeller pitch are all controlled automatically by a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system – meaning that all you have to contend with is a power level for each engine – that’s all – just like in most modern turbine powered aircraft. The simplicity of operation of the DA42NG allows most commercially rated pilots to complete the program in approximately 9 flight hours on average – but that is an average, not a limit.

Those who complete the program have the opportunity to take advantage of flying the aircraft with a safety pilot as they build the time required to fly the aircraft on their own. Moreover, you also have access to the venerable Diamond DA62 through Take Flight Aviation’s Coterie Program.

You can learn more about the Coterie here: https://www.takeflightoc.com/aircraft-sales-management/the-coterie-at-take-flight/

There is no reason to suffer through the mechanical melodrama that typifies Multi Engine Training anymore. Train with the finest equipment, refined training programs and polished professional Instructors right in Farmingdale with Pilot Proficiency International and Take Flight Aviation!