The shortage of qualified personnel has left the airline industry begging for pilots. With limited supply and high demand, pilot pay is steadily rising.

Your aviation career path can look like this – come to Take Flight Aviation to earn all your certifications within nine months. Work with us for eighteen months as a Certified Flight Instructor with a solid income, then move right to a regional airline making a starting annual salary of $100,000. One year later, you’re off to a mainline airline such as United, Delta, or American, with an annual salary potential of $600,000 at the peak of your career.

Don’t take our word for it, read it here from the CEO of American Airlines.

Take Flight Aviation can take you there from start to finish. We are also one of the few flight schools in the country where you can get your college degree online while flight training and instructing. When you graduate with your degree from Utah Valley University, you have everything you need to be not just hirable, but highly-competitive.
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If you’re as serious about flying as we are – give us a call. Take Flight Aviation can make it happen for you!