Airlines worldwide, and especially here in the US, are in dire need of qualified pilots. Take Flight Aviation makes it easy for YOU to enter this lucrative field…right here in New York!

The best piloting jobs require a 4 year degree….so if you’re looking to max out a career in aviation, you’ll want to meet that qualification. Take Flight Aviation goes one step further by offering access to a 4 year degree, Private through Flight Instructor Ratings, ½ the cost of most other programs, and employment opportunities….right here in NY…live at home, work while you train. Interested?

Take Flight Aviation is encouraging its flight students to complete either an Associates or Bachelor degree with Utah Valley University (UVU). UVU is an accredited brick and mortar University with an enrollment of over 35,000 students to provide professional, accredited Aviation Degree bearing programs to you – right at your fingertips with UVU’s convenient online degree programs. Complete your online studies with UVU while you earn your wings right here at Take Flight Aviation!

With UVU’s Bachelor’s Degree Aviation programs, you can choose from Professional Pilot and Aviation Administration. For those seeking an Associate’s Degree in Aviation, you can choose from an AS or AAS.

Where does this get you? Take UVU’s online classes at their very reasonable tuition rates and go from Private Pilot through CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) with Take Flight at an average cost of under $64,000 and you’ll be ready to launch into a career with salaries that top well over $200K. Most graduates first work as a flight instructor, with wages averaging $20-$30 an hour in the northeast region. After or year or so, you can move on to the regional airlines, where most airline pilots start their careers and earn salaries that now average $50,000/year at many companies to start. With a tremendous shortage of pilots upon us and only forecast to intensify, there is no shortage of work.

The days of low flight instructing and airline wages are over, and finally the costs of launching your career are more within reach. You don’t need to spend $200,000 – $300,000 to go away to an aviation university to get your airline career going. Start right here at home – and end up in the same place, at the same time, with the same or better skills as someone playing 4 times as much at a University Program in Florida or in the Midwest. Utah Valley University and Take Flight Aviation – we’ll make it happen for you, right here in NY, right now.

Contact Take Flight Aviation at 845-457-4188 or for more information and check out UVU’s programs at: