Coterie (kōdəˈrē) – a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.

The Coterie at Take Flight. Simply put – the Coterie is a means for appropriately rated discerning clients to have access to some of the finest Light General Aviation Aircraft available anywhere. Whether your goal is to take the family or a business client to Nantucket for a day trip or take a week-long trip in style and safety, the Coterie was built for you. We can even arrange to bring the aircraft to you at other NY area airports if the drive to Orange County Airport doesn’t fit into your schedule.

The idea isn’t a new one, but our approach to it is. We offer a small group of appropriately-licensed clients access to the best of what the light general aviation industry features today … aircraft for which we properly transition you, provide you with flight support services, and make available for your use on trips with no minimums. You get a managed aircraft experience without actually purchasing an aircraft. We’ve launched The Coterie at Take Flight with the newest member of our fleet, the spectacular Cirrus SR22 G6…and more recently added a state of the art 7 seat Diamond DA62 twin.

Our discussions with many clients have taught us that if you’re like most pilots, you’ve been looking for aircraft access like that offered by The Coterie ever since you received your license. Don’t worry if you haven’t worked with us before; you’re going to love the seamlessness and structure of the experience. If you’re a current aircraft owner and are looking to try out different aircraft, we can do that as well … or if your current aircraft doesn’t have the carrying capacity that you need for the next family trip, our line of piston singles and twins will surely get the job done for you.

If you would feel better with a seasoned CFI or MEI rating safety pilot working with you on your trips – we have our team at your disposal. You will no doubt find the Coterie the perfect option aren’t interested in aircraft ownership but want to have aircraft at your disposal. Modern Aircraft, Limited Membership Size for ease of scheduling, magnificent maintenance and full flight support – only at the Coterie and Take Flight Aviation.

If you’re interested in The Coterie at Take Flight Aviation, please send us an email and we can discuss how the limited number of openings might work for you!

Coterie Program Pricing Options:

Cirrus SR22 G6 Pricing

Retail Rates $390.00hr Retail rate dry – $105.00hr instructor retail rate- $95.00hr to block rate clients or Members. – CSIP Pricing

Option 1; 30hrs- $10,500.00 3 days continuous use no minimums every month

Option 2: 50hrs- $17,500.00 5 days continuous use no minimums every month

Option 3: $2,000 a month 12-month commitment no minimums on Hobbs. Hours are capped at 80hrs total, additional hours can be purchased for $300hr – Monthly commitment includes assistance with flight planning and Preferential pilot services offered by Take Flight- (meaning that if you are a part of our monthly Premier Membership if you request a pilot, we will accommodate it)- 4 of these available max).

12 months to use the hours no refunds from the date of purchase

Cirrus SR20 Pricing

Retail Rates $270.00hr Retail rate dry – $115.00hr instructor retail rate- $95.00hr to block rate clients or members.$255.00hr – for training or transition- to members

Option 1; 30hrs- $7,650.00-3 days continuous use no minimums every month

Option 2:< 50hrs- $12,750- 5 days continuous use no minimums every month

Other options and packages can be discussed reach out to us today for more details