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Flight Simulator

The best part of the Redbird FMX-1OOO is the ability to Legally log flight time towards some of your rating at a greatly reduced cost compared to flying the actual aircraft, Legally allowed maximum hours logged for each rating are:

Section 61.57(d)(I)(ii) - Instrument Proficiency Check (Per FAA-S-8061-4)
Sectlon 61.65(e)(2) - Instrument Rating: Maximum 20 hours
Section 6l.65(a)(8) - Instrument Rating: Practical Test (Per FAA-S-8081-4)
Section 61.109(k)(l) - Private Pilot Certificate: Maximum 2.5 hours
Section 61. 129(i)(I)(i) - Commercial Certificate: Maximum 50 hours
Section 61.159(a)(3)(i) - ATP Certificate: Maximum 25 hours

Under all conditions, instruction has to be given by a FAA "Authorized" instructor before it can be applied to any rating or certificate. (You can fly "solo" but that time can only be used for proficiency)

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Call Today for Pricing & Details