The Maintenance

There is no part of what we do at Take Flight Aviation that works right without great maintenance. This is one of those facets of the Take Flight Difference that can’t be left to chance and requires absolutely top flight personnel and leadership.

Take Flight Aviation’s Diamond Authorized Factory Service Center is headed up by one of the most respected Directors of Maintenance in the Industry – James Markey. There is nobody anywhere in the Light General Aviation field that has more knowledge, ability and capability combined with experience than Jim. As we’ve learned in other aspects of the business, domain-specific skill takes you only so far – leadership skills are critical to running an operation efficiently, and Jim excels as a leader. Jim oversees our team of skilled A&P-certified mechanics and assistants ensuring all aircraft at Take Flight – from flight school aircraft to outside client aircraft, are maintained to the highest standards.

When you step into a Take Flight Aviation aircraft, you can expect it to look right and be perfectly maintained. Take Flight Aviation employs a team of aircraft detailers to ensure the aircraft are kept looking pristine both inside and out.

Take Flight Aviation’s Service Center is the premier maintenance center for Diamond Aircraft and offers a wealth of experience servicing Cirrus, Piper and Cessna products … and even a variety of light jets and turboprops. Give us a call at 845-457-4188 to see what we can do for you!