Here at Take Flight Aviation, we have a growing number of clients coming to us with the goal of purchasing a Cirrus SR22 Single or a Diamond DA62 Twin. Cirrus and Diamond have developed the perfect training aircraft to prepare you not only to be a skilled pilot, but also to allow you to transition seamlessly to your goal aircraft – and we have them all under one roof right here at Take Flight Aviation.

For Cirrus Pilots, Take Flight Aviation has the brand-new Cirrus SR20 G6; the perfect aircraft to prepare you for a future as an SR22 G6 pilot. The SR20 G6 allows you to develop your skills in the same basic aircraft and with the same state of the art Garmin G1000 Perspective avionics, sports car like handling characteristics and Ballistic Recovery Chute that you will find later in the higher performance SR22 G6. The SR22 G6 represents the top of the Cirrus single engine piston market, with a cruise speed of over 200 mph and cutting-edge technology built into every aspect of the aircraft – logically the SR20G6 is the ideal training aircraft to prepare you for such a performer. Whether your future might be as a Cirrus owner, or perhaps a member of our Coterie, where we offer block time access to the high performance SR22 G6, Take Flight, as a Cirrus Training Center has what you need to before a proficient Cirrus pilot.

For Diamond Pilots, we offer the entire line of Diamond single and multi-engine aircraft from the capable DA20-C1 2 seat trainers, the DA40 and DA40NG 4 seat advanced aircraft (tremendous goal state aircraft in and of themselves), as well as the DA42NG and DA62 twin engine aircraft. If your goal state is to own or fly the DA62, there is no better aircraft in the world to learn to fly in than the DA40NG. Both models share iterations of the same Austro Mercedes Engine complete with state-of-the-art FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) systems. They also use the Garmin NXi G1000 Avionics Suite and have familiar flight controls and flight characteristics, allowing for a seamless transition up to multi engine flying in the DA42NG and DA62 once you have mastered single engine aircraft flying and earned your Private Pilot and Instrument Ratings. Again, whether your plan is to own a DA62 or join our Coterie to gain exclusive access to our DA62 and related services; Take Flight Aviation has all the tools and knowledge needed to get you where you want to be.

We also offer a Professional Pilot Training Program with financing for those who qualify. Regardless of the program or aircraft you choose – Take Flight Aviation has the talented Instructor Pilots and Maintenance Technicians to ensure your experience is smooth and efficient.

Let Take Flight Aviation help you reach your aviation goals! Give us a call to learn more.