Take Flight Aviation has been leading the charge in the use of Technology in flight training for the better part of a decade. While modern FADEC equipped aircraft, Garmin G1000 avionics and cutting-edge composite construction all represent the state of the art in aircraft systems and construction and are all available at our company; technology is also used at Take Flight Aviation in the delivery of our programs.

From coursework, to checking your schedule, online ground school to following with the syllabus, everything at Take Flight Aviation is available to you online. Your time is valuable, and time spent huddled around a lecturer surrounded by other people is not high on most people’s wish list over the last couple of years. It’s for that reason that we have invested in the programs that allow our clients to do much of the work.

When a Take Flight client arrives at the airport, they are ready to get their preflight briefing and go flying or use the simulator. With full technology integration, Take Flight clientele max out their time at the airport, rather than maxing out their patience or wallet.

Whether you are looking to fly for fun or professionally, Take Flight Aviation has the FAA Part 61 and Part 141 accelerated training programs to get you’re the license or rating you want in some of the best training aircraft on the market. From the Diamond DA20 to the DA40 and DA40NG and all the Diamond twins or the fast and capable Cirrus SR20 and SR22, Take Flight Aviation is here to provide you with our incomparable level of service, safety, and efficiency.

Take Flight Aviation also offers full aircraft maintenance and management.

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