You see the ads all the time – “Come to ‘Shiny Jets Mega Flight School’ and you too will get to the airlines FAST for One Low Price at one of our many convenient locations!!!” Sounds great right? The problem is for most it doesn’t work as advertised. You don’t even have to take our word for it – the Better Business Bureau sums it up well. The largest of the chain flight schools earns a BBB rating of “F” nationwide. Why? Just Google “BBB Rating” of the biggest flight school chain in the country (the one you see all the ads for) and see what pops up; in particular, read the individual complaints.

We get resumes from those who graduate from that big chain all the time. We can hire perhaps 1 in 50 and spend time developing them. The rest, to be honest, just aren’t very skilled. It says a lot when the company that trained you won’t hire you so you have to look elsewhere….

Take Flight Aviation is built from the ground up as a service business – providing our clients the finest flight training available for their needs. Our Diamond and Cirrus equipment is cutting-edge and well-maintained at our in-house Diamond Factory Authorized Service Center. Our instructional staff is with us not for head count, but picked for their ability to impart knowledge effectively and specially-trained in our methodology. Our company’s program pricing is transparent and fair. We operate primarily in one location to control our quality and keep costs in check. Moreover, we don’t just train students and cut them loose. Those who learn to fly for recreation are free to rent from us the same aircraft in which they trained, while those with careers in mind can start with us since we hire most CFIs that we train. All this has resulted in our winning multiple AOPA Flight Training Experience Awards, including Best in the Nation.

Whether you’re looking for bespoke Part 61 or accelerated Part 141 training from Private Pilot right up to ATP, Single and Multi-Engine, Take Flight Aviation is here to provide the service and high-quality training you deserve. If you’re open to working hard, the sky is yours…at Take Flight Aviation.

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