pilot maintenance services

Are you NOT a pilot, don’t really have the time or interest to become one, but still would like to enjoy the lifestyle that a personal aircraft offers?


Take Flight Aviation can put you in the passenger seat of your own Diamond DA62, provide an experienced professional pilot to take you to your destination and take care of all the storage and maintenance needs of your aircraft. One of our DA62 clients recently told us that the only thing wrong with the DA62 is that people want to talk to him about the aircraft all the time – particularly Cirrus owners looking to move up to the extra seating, reliability, efficiency and security that the Diamond Twin provides.

Unlike twin engine aircraft of the past, Diamond’s Mercedes/Austro diesel powered DA62’s have very low maintenance costs and have a thrifty fuel consumption of inexpensive jet fuel. Their modern avionics and clean page design allows for a 6 seat, all weather, yet very elegant aircraft.

Take Flight Aviation, the areas only Factory Authorized Diamond Service Center with Mercedes/Austro factory trained mechanics has the experience and expertise to keep your Diamond DA62 in top condition. Further, Take Flight Aviation trains its own pilots, ensuring you not only an extra margin of safety, but the exemplary customer service level you expect with personal air travel.

Whether you’re currently a Cirrus owner looking to take the next logical step, a Baron owner looking for a modern twin or someone all together new to personal aviation looking for way travel effectively without becoming a pilot, Take Flight Aviation has the solution to your regional travel needs. Please contact Ryan Mayo for more information.